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Jonathon "JC" Elgin has lived in Shelby over 30 years. He's from here and he has chosen to build his business, family, and life right here in Shelby.


Litigants, attorneys, and the accused are held accountable. The Court needs to be transparent and accountable to the public.


Doing what is right by litigants, victims of crime, the accused, and all participants in the legal process is essential to the administration of justice.



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Jonathon "JC" Elgin

Jonathon "JC" Elgin has lived in Shelby for more than 30 years. A 2006 Graduate of Shelby High School, JC chose Shelby as his home upon graduation from The Ohio State University. Though he's worked throughout Northern Ohio, he's always kept his moorings here in the community he loves.

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Community. Accountability. Justice.

Paid for by Friends of Jonathon C. Elgin
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